May 2, 2006


9:00 AM. Board Convenes


 (Public Comment Period)

1.                  Request from the County Administrative Office to approve and adopt the following grant application guidelines:

New Grants:  

Step 1 - All applications for new grants must be approved by the Board of Supervisors prior to submission.  The agenda item does not need to include the full grant application only a description of the grant, number of staff affected and dollars involved.  However, the full application must be provided to the Chairman of the Board prior to signature.


Step 2 - Once awarded, the grant award must be approved by the Board of Supervisors and signed by the Chairman of the Board.

Continuing Grants: 

All continuing grants that have been previously approved by the Board of Supervisors need only be presented at time of award. 


Exception: The two step process, application and award approval, will be required for any continuing grant that has significant changes to the grant in the area of program definition, intent, staffing, match ratio or dollar amount.