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Common Problems Viewing TIF Files

If you have problems displaying or printing the TIF documents on the website, following are common reasons: You do not have a TIF viewer or the TIF viewer is not assigned to the TIF document type.
Do Not Have a TIF Viewer

If you don't have a TIF viewer, you cannot open a TIF file. Depending on the version of Windows you have installed, the TIF viewer name is wangimg.exe or kodakimg.exe.   It is automatically installed in standard edition of Windows 98, Windows NT, and Windows 2000.

There are many TIF viewers free of charge on the internet, a popular option for personal use is IrfanView.

TIF Viewer is Not Assigned to TIF File

If you have the viewer but still cannot open a TIF file, your file type association may not be correct.  When a TIF image file is clicked, your machine probably uses the incorrect viewer to open the file.  You need to associate the TIF file type to the TIF viewer. Instructions follow:

Windows 98/NT Users

Window 2000 Users